Connect With The Art Box Academy – Featured in Grand Magazine

The Art Box Academy – A Grand Way To Connect With Your Grandkids

A dear friend of mine in San Francisco called me four years ago and said “please help me find more art projects for my son! I am going through everything and really don’t know what to do!” As I sat in our Los … Continue reading

Celebrating 20 Years of Creativity , Compassion and Community!

Happy New Year! A letter from our Founder: Lauren Dennis-Perelmuter

I truly can’t believe that twenty years ago, Art To Grow On Children’s Art Center launched into what is now an ever growing mobile customized innovative Art Enrichment Company.

When I was younger, my parents thought all 5 year olds color every day and have art shows … Continue reading

The Art of Getting the Kids Outdoors in the Los Angeles Area

Our family is very fortunate in having cousin Hannah, the matriarch of the family, turn 92 recently.

Hannah’s four children are now in their 60s and her grandchildren are now having children. Our littlest cousin and her newest great granddaughter, Sloan, was just born a few months ago. One of the mantras that Hannah has always … Continue reading

A Commitment To Play

As we kick off 2017, what a great opportunity to renew our commitment to the Art of Play. Our culture is filled with “busyness”…classes, homework, the driving to and from and more. I know that the intensity of the school year no matter if your child is in preschool or middle school is just jammed packed with “things to do”.

I myself needed a little reminder of making sure I was not overscheduling my own two boys so I read again Abraham Maslow’s quote, “Almost all creativity comes from purposeful play”. I was incredibly inspired.

The Mindful School Year Ahead

Happy Fall! September is here and we are off and running towards another school year filled with academics, activities, sports, tutoring, and more. Each and every year I dedicate my fall column to my personal promise of not over scheduling my own two boys and this year is no different. Balance is the key and being mindful is of the utmost importance.

The Lazy Days of Summer

Growing up, I have great memories of summer: the beach, friends over for swim parties, my mom cutting up peaches for us, sleep overs, art classes, Yosemite, and BBQ’s. I know I attended a few camps, but nothing as specialized like the options of today….I remember the camps were local, outdoors, had lots of running and great popsicles.

Bringing the Fun Back into Play

The school year, even from preschool through kindergarten on, is filled with scheduled activities, homework, family demands and more. I have to confess that I too plan those “play dates”, plan those family gatherings, plan dinner, plan those haircuts, plan the shoe shopping and more.

Product Review by What’s Up For Kids

This month Art To Grow On gave us the opportunity to review their product The Art Box AcademyTM. The Art Box AcademyTM is a complete Great Master Artist Lesson that comes in a box with the lesson materials, including information about a famous artist and the details on how to do a project based onthe artist’s work.

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