Bringing the Fun Back into Play

Bringing the Fun Back into Play

by Art to Grow On, May 4, 2016

1457970670986Happy spring! My two favorite seasons are upon us, spring and summer, and it always inspires me to take the time to ensure my boys will have a great end of the school year and summer.

The school year, even from preschool through kindergarten on, is filled with scheduled activities, homework, family demands and more. I have to confess that I too plan those “play dates”, plan those family gatherings, plan dinner, plan those haircuts, plan the shoe shopping and more.

Well, I want to take a break from the planning and looking around at our culture, I would say we all need a little break from whatever schedule, plan and race we are running. Let’s breathe and laugh a little!

Recently I attended a swim meet for my younger son and they had a few hours until they had to compete…with lots of tents up and food to eat, they kids started playing tag and football. A parent said, “I haven’t seen kids play tag and run like that in years… looks so free and fun”…We all laughed and said, “I think that is what childhood is supposed to be like”. A small quite pause hung in the air, but then we all agreed. What has happened to us? Where is the “play” that is spontaneous, unplanned and just plain old fun? No laser tag indoors, but outdoor running and fun, no indoor gym classes, but climbing trees and eating outside, no homework, but visiting a museum or concert because you love art or music?

It’s easy to fall into what I call the “race”…let’s lighten things up a bit. Let’s all get into the “play mode” this spring and summer and have some fun! Beach! Playing at the park! Making art, reading, or playing instruments because it is fun and not because it is an assignment, and getting together with friends and just enjoying the great day!
It might take some practice, but let’s bring the fun back and play.

Wishing you a fun filled spring and summer!

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